Monday, July 1, 2013

General Services Agreement (GSA)

Every year thousands of companies supply the U.S. Government and its agencies
through a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) administered by the General Services
Administration (GSA). The MAS program enables US Governmental Agencies to
purchase commercial supplies and services quickly and efficiently while still complying
with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense Supplement to the FAR
(DFARS). The MAS program divides commercial products and services into 43
distinct schedules. Currently the MAS program offers over 11 million items under
nearly 19,000 contracts. The offerings under the MAS program grow every year as
thousands of firms submit offers to the GSA.

To qualify under the MAS the offer must generally meet the following guidelines:
  • The goods must be ‘off-the-shelf ’ (standard, non-customized) product, available for purchase by civilian customers under a published price list.
  • The goods must be produced in the U.S. or be capable of being produced in the U.S. if placed on the schedule.
  • The Offeror must have a two-year commercial history with at least six, but preferably 15, customers, and be able to estimate future sales volume. 

For U.S. and Foreign companies wishing to compete for the supply of goods and services through the GSA it is necessary to implement appropriate measures regarding Program Familiarization and Internal Preparation, complete the Application Process and maintain subsequent Reporting and Compliance requirements.

To learn more, please contact Defense Management Group.

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