Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Battlespace Electronics News Services

By the nature of our business DMG has come across many examples of excellence and best practice within both the US and the international defense industrial base.  We are delighted to be able to endorse the skills, capabilities and qualities of Battlespace Electronics News Services with whom we have gained experience and recommend their services.

For DMG’s U.S. clients seeking a United Kingdom centric perspective on defense and security emerging and current issues, we recommend your visiting ‘BATTLESPACE’.  This website along with its associated E-Zine and hard copy magazine are the products of an international defence electronics news service providing its readers with up to date developments within the UK defense industrial base, covering UK defence policy, MOD requirements, contracting and delivered capability.  Though broad in coverage there is a strong focus on the defence electronics industry. The publications and associated e-mail services reach an international readership across the world and report on a range of issues not necessarily easily visible within the U.S.  BATTLESPACE readers range from military electronic specialists through defence research establishments to the defence industry.

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